2014 | Getoffthegridguy

Well, I have not been able to shoot many videos this summer. Some of you have been sending me messages wishing me well. Thank you so much for the concern. Here is what I have been doing.

Why No Videos?
I started making all my videos using the Gopro Studio software. It is a great software however, I had to reinstall Windows in order to use it. I am not a Windows fan by any means. I made some videos with it. I am now back on Linux. Here is why.

Computer/Technical Issues
Windows operating systems are normally targeted by hackers. These operating systems also have some security issues. I did not feel safe using the WIndows operating system. I told myself I would never go back to Windows and I did. I felt really bad about it because Linux is Free and it is an amazing user designed system. I have found a software that looks like it will work to edit and encode video for upload to Youtube. I should be back to my uploads in no time.

I also plan to start using my cell phone’s HD camera to get some on the road or on th go video for some of my Die hard people who have asked for more behind the scenes video. I have a great time doing it, so what the hell? I will shoot some more content and try to mix it up some more than I have.

Getoffthegridguy Is One Year Old
Well, The youtube channel is now 1 year old. How did I do for the first year? Well, here are the stats. Over 100,000 video views. Almost 600 subscribers (many who regularly ask for new videos and information). Thank you guy so much. I love making these videos and I am happy someone appears to be watching and enjoying my videos.

This year I plan to dust of the camera a bit more. I will also be traveling to some cool destinations for work. I will make some out of town videos.

Many of you know that I have written a few books, but did you know I also work a full time job? That is right. I work, write, garden and edit videos. My new job will allow me to travel some and I plan on taking you with me on the road. It should give me something to do while I am in strange towns and not working.

Seed Sharing
We did a seed sharing project this summer. Some of you sent in seeds. The original idea was to send out a few seeds to people who sent some in. I have been told that seed sharing might be frowned upon by the powers that be. I have not had any requests not to so I have been asking people who sent seeds in to get in touch with me. It is time to pick out your favorites.

Website updates
I am planning on taking the laptop with me out of town. I hope to post some updates from the road while I am traveling. That may be the best time for me to update the website. I stay so busy when I am in town, Maybe I can get some website work done while I am on the road. I am hoping to get back to writing also. I have not written a book since last April.

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